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We are based In Vancouver, Canada and trying to make the world a better place. With our Eco friendly, plastic reducing products we want to make it easy for everyone to live more sustainably. We don't believe that some of us need to produce no waste. We believe that all of us need to work on our ecological footprint and being imperfect while doing so.  99% of humans that are reducing their plastic use and switching to Eco friendly products will have a way bigger impact than 1% of us producing no waste. Join the movement and be perfectly imperfect with us!


Our Values

We are trying to help reduce plastic and waste in a convenient way. We believe that reducing your ecological footprint should be easy and we are trying to do our part in helping others to achieve that too. Shop our Eco friendly products and make the world a better place through shopping with Planet Protectors. Join us in celebrating our positive impact on the world! Lets all be imperfectly perfect together!


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We will try everything we can to make you completely happy with your experience. If you have any questions about us, our products, or anything else, please reach out and we will do our utmost best to satisfy your needs.

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